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Welcome to V3 The Blink Consulting Company - Disruptive Consultants 

Unique Global Blink Heritage

Dr Paul Markham, MBA,  founded V3 Health & Academic Strategy,  as a division of V3 Enterprises LLC. Changed companies across the globe with deep influence in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Author of doctorate providing evidence that "leadership style can reduce medical death". Dr Markham has been embracing and driving change leadership in healthcare and academia for decades. 

V3 is a revolutionary disruptive consulting firm, set to lead and transform the stagnant global consulting industry, in line with Clayton Christensen predictions.  

“[W]e’re still early in the story of consulting’s disruption… More likely than not, alarms won’t sound until it’s already too late in the game.” — Clayton Christensen https://www.christenseninstitute.org/ 

The core ethos of V3 Advisors  is the innate blink talent of Dr Markham that is now being applied to consulting. Blink personalities as described by Malcolm Gladwell, are able to rapidly summarize, analyze and decide.  

“The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding. We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter.” Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. ? Malcolm Gladwell,  https://www.blinkist.com/en/books/blink-en 

Dr Markham has spent decades fine tuning the innate blink personality and now sets forth to transform consultancy against the backdrop of the emerging attention economy.

Revolutionary Service Offerings 
  • V3 Complimentary Rapid Review
    • 15 Minute Blink Snapshot
  • V3 On Demand Blink Adviser
    • Second Opinion Decision Advice
  • V3 Strategic Precision Decision Advisor
    • Board level precision for startup, midcap and large cap companies

Although V3 has predominantly focused on the healthcare and academic domain, the same three stage approach is applicable anywhere.

V3 Health & Academic Strategy is a unique disruptive consultancy solutions company. The home of the Chameleon Consultant, author and multimedia influencer,  Pabco DavinciTM with  services such as Thinking HarderTM & the 10 Minute MBATM

  • The Home Of Pabco DavinciTM
  • The 15 Minute MBA TM
  • Thinking HarderTM
    • Decades of experience in international healthcare, technology and higher education business and always at the cutting edgDr Markham sets forth a unique vision and simplifies the complex, rapidly. He has decades of experience across the corporate continuum, from large-cap to start up. V3 offers multi-variant consulting services to international and domestic blockchain and other vendors, hospitals, payers and private equity firms in North America, Europe and Asia. Our name and our ethos were built around (V) five guiding principles of; integrity, honesty, ingenuity, creativity and productivity and (3) three key areas of focus.
Expert in these Market Segments 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • USA Market Entry 
  • Global Growth Multi Continent Higher Education 
  • Cardiology, Radiology, Transplant
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO                                                              
  • The Chronic Disease Management Continuum       
  • Accountable Care Organizations                           
  • Population Health Management                           
  • Vendor Neutral Archives                                     
  • Telehealth Remote Monitoring Devices 
  • Infectious Disease Safety Products 
  • Our health specialists are committed to help you deliver your vision rapidly and effectively