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About Us

At V3, our uniquely experienced professionals deliver business, technical, clinical and utility player ability on every engagement. The home of the Chameleon Consultant, author and multimedia influencer,  Pabco DavinciTM with  services such as Thinking HarderTM & the 10 Minute MBATM

As a leading provider of global healthcare and higher education consultation services, we take pride in offering the best blockchain, artificial intelligence, genomics consultants for healthcare. As part of our offering we have deliver short, medium and long-term engagements covering corporate finance, strategic marketing and international entry offerings in the marketplace. We are dedicated to changing healthcare and serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Since 2006, V3 has been involved in international trade, multiple strategic re-positioning events and authoring a leadership doctorate, specifically addressing the effect transformational leadership has on physician acceptance of CPOE and EMR.